Frequently Asked Questions

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When will we know what coaches will be attending?

We will be updating the attending coaches list on a regular basis. The goal is to have the attending coaches list finalized at least 30 days prior.

Is there goalkeeper training?

Of course. We don’t want to forget about the keepers! Goalkeepers will train with a college goalkeeper coach in the morning and then will join in for the 11 v 11 games.

Will there be a trainer on site?

Yes there will be. We will have a trainer all day for you.

Who will be running the training sessions

Head and Assistant Coaches from colleges across the country. The goal is for college coaches to have as much exposure to our campers. Your College Fit Finder profile will be provided to all attending coaches.

What do I need to bring?

Shoes: Flats, cleats, and running shoes. Shin guards and socks. Keep an eye on the weather and bring the appropriate gear. We will provide balls, water, and a water bottle for each player.

Do you follow NCAA Rules?

Absolutely! We have someone on staff whose job it is to keep up with all the NCAA rules dealing with eligibility and recruitment. We take the NCAA rules very seriously and always ensure that our coaches are compliant with NCAA rules.

What is the refund policy?

Well, why would you want to cancel? Just in case this comes up: There are no refunds available, we are only able to offer a transfer credit less a transfer fee. Fees are 15% when we are notified 14+days out or 30% when notified 1-14 days. There is no credit provided if you do not show up.

Who can attend?

Any player, from any club, from any city, from grades 9-12. Summer going into high school counts as 9th grade.

I don't play for Rush, can I attend?

Absolutely! College Exposure Camps are powered by Rush, but you do not have to be a Rush player to attend. You will get the backing of the largest soccer club in the United States working for you! We have access to more college coaches, more sessions, more trends, and more ways to maximize exposure than any other camp.

I have more questions

Well, we have more answers! Email [email protected] or call (636) 223-5303